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    This is Ephimera

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  • Campus for Moms

    Google runs some of the most exciting programs to foster entrepreneurship around the world. In this field, the internet giant’s flagship is Campus, a collection of...

  • Theater for Education

    Teachers are on the front line of the greatest challenge of our time: empowering the next generations. The teacher’s section of major Spanish union UGT offered us...

  • Rutas Pangea

    Rutas Pangea is a leading company in the responsible tourism field. They organize hundreds of trips every year bringing people to every corner of Spain and through...

  • La Buena Vida

    Did you know Spain is the top exporter of organic produce in the EU? Interestingly, that market position does not entail a greater consumption of organic produce within...

  • Events @ Impact HUB Madrid

    When Impact HUB Madrid decided to bring in an external company to handle the events in their venues it was looking for a team capable of bringing the place to its full...

  • artilujos.com

    The furniture industry has left little room for artisans to survive in its marketing channels. But what if we could create a successful business model connecting...

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Both customers and brands are transforming themselves in this time of technological, political and social change. We help brands and institutions adapt to these changes building new ways to connect with their audiences. Our secret? Four ingredients: technology, strategy, creativity and empathy.

  • Reconnect with your client base

    Lost touch? Audiences are changing rapidly and building up new loyalties. We’ll help you understand your new customers and reconnect with your client base.

  • Community Organizing

    Interest based communities are very powerful. Let’s bring together your fans and followers in organically-promoted communities where everyone is welcomed.

  • User Experience Analysis

    We map brand-customer interactions and explore user experience applying empathy to the proccess. We help teams understand their customers at an emotional level.

  • Launching New Products and Services

    If you’re launching a new product, service, or even a new company, finding the right target should be your first concern. Let us help by reaching out to the people that share your values and understand your proposition

  • Storytelling

    Telling the right story is the first step towards building a true link with your customers. We create powerful transmedia concepts and stories rooted in popular culture

  • Social R&D

    We can’t summarize all the different challenges that companies and institutions face nowadays. If your goal is not in this list, it doesn’t matter, send us an email and lets see how far we get together 😉


Meet The Team

We're a young team of social innovators. Each one of us has at least 10 years experience in our fields. We work remotely and asynchronously, so that each person in the team can adapt their working hours to their preference. We're passionate about discovering and experimenting every day. Oh, and we laugh a lot ;)

  • Larisa Cabañas

    Fashion lover, tribal leader, she makes the art of juggling a thousand things look easy. With a background in retail and operations, it is only proof of that flexibility that she ended up excelling at leading Ephimera’s comercial strategy.

  • Carla Rozas

    Carla Rozas

    A Jack of all trades, she’s the youngest and most energetic member of the team. She loves design, art and music -and remains unbeaten at several eating competitions. In Ephimera, she’s in charge of making things happen.

  • María Álvarez


    Proud geek, gamer and a talented structured thinker. Co-founder of Ephimera, she’s in charge of strategy and technology.

  • Elena García


    A beacon of empathy, she connects with people with her unique emotional intelligence. Co-founder and co-director of Ephimera, she’s in charge of user experience and community building.

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A place to talk about communities, decision-making processes, technology, social innovations and other random things that we like.

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